This story is about how a victim of a cybercrime (Sen Dick Gordon) can end up being liable under Data Privacy laws of the Philippines. This is a cautionary tale about what went wrong and how our readers can learn from this.

A bit of a background:

On or around October 19, 2021 Philippine hacktivist…

Or why data analytics depends on data preparation.

I wanted to find the “Reach” of some Facebook groups. In my mind, it should have been a simple SUM calculation. It should have been an easy formula using Excel’s Sum Function. We can add all the values of “# of Members”…

A true story where one pandemic is solved by non-medical methods. Data analytics, visualization and Beer Drinking combined to ‘cure’ cholera.

The date is August 31st, 1854, you are John Snow, the Queen’s Anesthetist. You puzzle over one of the deadliest diseases to affect your country. From some accounts, a…

Today I got myself banned on Facebook for 24 hours.

The reason was that Facebook’s algorithm thought I was posting pornographic pictures. In my defense any human being can quickly see that this is not porn. It is a slide of NASA Astronauts in Skylab. …

Wilson Chua

Data Analyst, Startup Founder, Tech Columnist

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