How Ready are you for the AI Revolution? Try the AI Readiness Index tool

Wilson Chua
2 min readApr 5, 2023


How ready is your country/company/institution for AI? Try this self-assessment tool to find out the gaps and GET recommendations to speed up AI adoption:

AI Singapore developed the AI Readiness Index to measure an organization’s readiness to adopt and implement artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

This Index measures one’s readiness across 5 pillars and 12 dimensions, including Organizational, Ethics & Governance, Business Value, Data and Infrastructure.

5 Pillars of AIRI

Under each pillar, there are four levels of AI Readiness:

  • AI Unaware
  • AI Aware
  • AI Ready
  • AI Competent
What each of the levels mean

By evaluating one’s readiness across these dimensions, the AI Readiness Index provides a comprehensive GAP assessment of AI readiness. This information can be used by CEOs, policymakers, industry leaders, and other stakeholders to develop strategies and policies to promote the development and adoption of AI technologies.

Here is a sample benchmark report:

Adopted by Global Alliance of 29 countries:

The Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence ( adopted this AI Readiness Index. The adoption by is a significant step towards promoting the responsible development and deployment of AI technologies on a global scale. In addition the use of this tool demonstrates’s dedication to promoting AI’s benefits to society. is a multi-stakeholder initiative to assess each member country’s AI readiness and to identify areas where they can improve. As of this writing, boast 29 member countries.

AI Singapore’s head honcho Laurence Liew shares that the assessment tool is under continuous improvement process. With more feedback/data, the recommendations will get even better over time.

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