Why Positive Reviews are Profitable for us.

Wilson Chua
2 min readNov 21, 2020


Managers are focused on the wrong thing

Our businesses have shortcomings (Pits) and every now and then some customer success stories (Peaks) . Look at the graph below.

Managers are focused on filling in the pits (solving the issues) than working on getting more peaks (more customer success stories). Is this correct?

Majority of our clients have neutral views of us.

Look at the graph below: On the left side are the highly dissatisfied. On the right side are the highly satisfied. Somewhere in the middle are the ‘Normal’ clients.

Our customers will be naturally distributed into some few clients that are always complaining (the left side of the graph). So here you can see that some clients are happy with us (the right side of the graph). And you will notice that MAJORITY of our clients are somewhere in the middle. They are not too disappointed, they are not too happy either. (between -1 sigma and 1 sigma)

A study on CX (Customer Experience) shows that the ones that are on the right side SPEND MORE (about 8x) when compared to those in the middle of graph. When they are happy they buy more. They tell their friends about their exceptional experience with us. And yet, our focus is on the DISSATISFIED clients.

Profitable to move the “Middle to the Right”.

Instead of focusing on moving the leftmost (most unhappy clients) to the NORMAL side, it is more profitable for us to move the MIDDLE Clients into the RIGHT SIDE. For one, there are MORE clients in the middle.

Imagine earning 8x more revenue when all the middle clients are moved to the right side! Remember that 95% of new clients that do not know us, learn about us on social media. They follow what 5% vocal clients do and say.

95% of new clients follows what 5% do and say

Call to Action

So we need to align our systems to encourage our staff to deliver superior customer experiences that are documented in Likes/Shares/Stories/Comments on social media.

Please comment below with your insights and ideas on these points.



Wilson Chua

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